Non Scents Cat Litter Deodorizer

What’s Non Scents?

  • Litter box odor eliminator
  • Natural, purest, safest zeolite coated with proprietary formulation blend to eliminate pet odor.
  • Patented technology eliminates and neutralizes odor-causing molecules to complement the adsorption power of zeolite.
  • Unscented fragrance-free formula keeps your cats happy and their litter box welcoming.
  • Use NonScents additive with your cat’s favorite litter, just pour 1/4 inch evenly over top of the cat litter in litter box.
  • Long lasting power extends the life of your cat litter. It will make your cat happy and your home odor free.


I sprinkled this over our cat litter in all of our litter boxes and in our Litter Robot. The first thing I noticed after a awhile was that there was no smell. I mean no smell of anything even the clean litter. It neutralizes the smell which I was looking for. I don’t like products that cover up smell with another smell. If you clean your litter box out as normal and use this as a topper, then the smell will virtually be gone. I would highly recommend this product. It does what is says and is safe for cats.

Non Scents available on Amazon – For 10% off your purchase on Amazon USE CODE: FCZQ966W



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