… the dreaded … tapeworms

While cleaning out the cat litter box, I saw the dreaded glob of poo with sesame seed looking things. I’ve seen this only once before, but knew it meant one of the cats had tapeworms. Having multiple cats makes it difficult to pinpoint who’s poo it was.

We cleaned out all the cat boxes and our plan of action was to spend the entire day monitoring the cats poo. Luckily, right away I heard my dear tortie cat Sumatra making the sound of squirty poo (yes, that sound). I waited til she was done and looked at her little treasure she left me. A glob of wet poo with those nasty little sesame seed friends.

I picked her up and gave her a Drontal pill for tapeworms. I had the medicine ready since I knew that I would be giving it to someone. I was surprised how easy it was to give to her. I popped open her mouth and put it down her throat (massaging her throat and giving her a
squirt of water with a syringe).

What causes tapeworms? Fleas. Dang fleas!  Well, fleas with the tapeworm larve. If the cats ingest the larvae they will get tapeworm. With so many new ferals in the house recently and me out with ferals we have fleas. We are working right now to get it under control with flea meds.

*tapeworm info: http://www.petsandparasites.org


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